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Mar Blanca

Mónica stands out artistically thanks to her personal way of shaping the Mediterranean spirit through her voice and unique interpretation of her songs. Her elegance, her own style and unconditional commitment to quality have earned her great respect among the public and critics alike from the moment she released her first album (Tu despedida, Virgin Records, 1999).

She forms an exceptional team with her brother, Noel, author of the majority of her repertoire and (co)producer of her albums. The strength of her interpretation, dedication, care and musical understanding result in a unique style that is manifest in each one of the songs.

Mónica forms part of a family of legendary artists such as her father, singer Antonio Molina, or her sister, actress Angela Molina. Before embarking on her musical career, she dedicated her early years to acting, where she worked with outstanding directors, among which José Luis Cuerda, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón and Fernando Fernán Gómez. After this period, she decided to develop a musical career, her true passion.

This resulted in her first album ("Tu despedida ", Virgin Records, 1999), which sold more than 50.000 copies (Gold Disc). Following the debut, she did an extensive nation-wide tour and immediately followed it with the "Giraluna" tour, this time performed alongside Luis Eduardo Aute and the flamenco "cantaor" José Mercé.

The success continued with the presentation of her second album ("Vuela", Virgin Records, 2001), selling more than 100.000 copies (Platinum Album) and with her nomination for the Latin Grammy Awards (Best Female Interpretation) as well as for Best New Artist for the Spanish Music Awards (Premios de la Música). During this period she toured Spain with more than 60 concerts in theatres throughout the country.

"Vuela" also meant the start of her career in Turkey. The album reached number 1 in the charts and she has participated in a number of events and festivals, such as the Istambul International Jazz Festival. Several of her albums have been great successes (Golden Album).

In 2003, she released a third album ("De Cal y Arena", Virgin Records), which further confirmed her reputation in the market. She also collaborated with other artists in the making of an album with covers dedicated to Luis Eduardo Aute ("Mira que eres canalla" Virgin, 2002) and participated in the release of a double compilation CD called "Amar en tiempos Revueltos" (EMI-Music / Televisión Española, 2006), which is the title of a highly successful television series for which Mónica performs the theme song; the series has been running daily in prime time TV for six years now.

The fourth album ("A Vida", EMI), was released in 2006, followed by "Autoretrato" (EMI, 2007), which includes the most representative songs of the first four albums.

Recently she announced the release of her new album "Mar Blanca", which includes songs performed by her father, the great Antonio Molina, in the 1950's and 1960's, but musically adjusted to Mónica's style. The album will be released in October 2012 by SONY MUSIC.

She continues to tour Spain as well as Turkey, where she performs several times a year, mostly in music festivals and special events (50 year anniversary of Ford in Turkey, presentation of new model of Bentley in Turkey, ….)

During 2011, Mónica has also been the image for Eau de Rochas and Vivesoy (dairy products) with campaigns on TV, radio and printed press in Spain and Portugal.